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A little about us ...

The Public Library is part of the First City Libraries consortium, an eight member group that includes the the public schools. The FCL consortium has a single shared catalog, a courier, and open sharing between libraries.  All public school students are automatically given a consortium-wide library account.


The Library offers a wide variety of formats, including DVDs, CDs, Playaways, Read-alongs, graphic novels, magazines, and books (of course!). As a member of the Alaska Digital Library OverDrive partnership, the Library offers Ketchikan patrons access to over 40,000 audiobook and eBook and electronic magazine titles for downloading.

Library staff reach out to the community through bi-weekly interviews on KRBD public radio, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, a website, a Teen Advisory Group, and partnerships with many local organizations.


Ketchikan is one of 2 communities in the entire state with an Outreach program.  The Outreach Librarian visits homebound patrons, senior centers throughout the area and the Ketchikan Correctional Center to provide library resources and services.

In March 2023 Library Director Pat Tully gave a talk about the history of libraries and the Ketchikan Public Library as part of the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center's Friday Night Insight series, entitled What Happens In the Library. Click here to see the presentation; the Ketchikan Public Library section starts about 16 minutes in:

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