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Strategic Plan, 2023-2027

The Ketchikan Public Library is an extraordinary community asset, with a beautiful  building, knowledgeable and dedicated staff, popular collections and programs, and broad community support.

The Library's 2023-27 Strategic Plan, based on a community survey conducted in the summer of 2022 and approved by the Ketchikan City Council at their February 2, 2023 meeting, provides a road map for maintaining and enhancing Library services to the community. 

  • As in any vibrant community, Ketchikan’s economy, culture and population are changing. It is important to reach out periodically to residents, those who use the Library and those who do not, to determine how the Library might better serve their needs.

  • Because systems and technology are constantly advancing, it is essential to evaluate new processes with the potential to make the Library more cost-effective and efficient, and to assess new technologies which may enhance residents’ ability to learn, create and connect with each other.

Strategic Planning Process
  1. In the summer of 2022 the Library conducted four community surveys—for adults, teens, children and Outreach patrons— from August 1 through early September, and received 205 responses. The surveys were distributed online via links on the Library website, Facebook and Instagram, and paper copies were available at the Library. The responses were analyzed using Survey Monkey.

  2. On September 20, 2022 the Library held a public meeting at which Director Pat Tully presented the results of the community survey and received additional input from attendees for items to include in the new strategic plan.

  3. In late September Library staff reviewed the strategic plan draft and made additional recommendations to be included in the Plan.

  4. On October 12 the Library Advisory Board reviewed the draft plan, and on October 27 the Friends of the Library Board reviewed the draft plan.

  5. Pat Tully revised the draft plan based on the input of Library staff, the Library Advisory Board, and the Friends of the Ketchikan Public Library.

  6. The Ketchikan City Council voted to approve the implementation of the 2023-27 Strategic Plan at their meeting of February 2, 2023.








The Library reported quarterly to the City Council and Borough Assembly on the implementation of the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan:

Strategic Plan, 2018-2022
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