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Donor recognition


The City of Ketchikan, in conjunction with its library support organizations, provides acceptable ways to publicly identify and acknowledge the generosity of individuals, families, corporations, foundations, donors, and volunteers who provide monetary donations and other types of gifts. The purpose of this policy is to provide meaning, significance, and uniformity by recognizing individuals or organizations who have substantially contributed to the new Ketchikan Public Library.


This policy and procedure applies to the manner in which monetary donations and other types of gifts provided to the new library to be built on Copper Ridge Lane are accepted and applied. The policy may also be applied to the existing library facility until it is moved to the new facility.


Art: All forms of original art creations including but not limited to sculpture, painting, photography.

Feature: Areas within or associated with the library’s public space such as a fountain, monument, plaza, garden, landscaped area, collection of material or program.

Plaque: A tablet usually made of metal or wood, which is fixed to a wall or other surface to commemorate a person(s) or event. Plaques may include the names of multiple donors where and when appropriate.

Support organization: An organized group whose purpose is to promote and support the City’s public library and its programs, such as the Friends of the Ketchikan Public Library (FOKPL).

Use-related generic names: Designates a library interior or component space based on use such as “Youth Services” or “Adult Fiction.”



Recognition of financial donors and volunteer contributions will be done in a manner that acknowledges these gifts. Recognition may not interfere with the safety of patrons and staff, obstruct or otherwise inconvenience patrons, staff, and normal library operations, and conforms to all applicable facility, municipal, state, or federal rules and regulations.

Any form of recognition, the purpose of which is commercial or promotional, will not be permitted. Corporate logos on public buildings will not be considered. Exceptions will be considered at the request of the donor or due to special circumstances and will be reviewed by the City Manager or designee in consultation with the Library Director, the FOKPL Board and, if required, the legal counsel of the City of Ketchikan. The City Manager or designee, with input from the Library Director and the FOKPL Board, reserves the right to accept or reject recognition or naming proposals.

Standard language for plaques which recognize financial contributions will read, “This <XXXX> was <partially> funded by a generous contribution by <NAME(S)>.” Standard language for a public place or program that is created/named for a donor shall include the name and the area, e.g. the Jane Smith Room or the Joe Jones Volunteer Program. Corporate logos on plaques (appropriately sized and placed) may be included at the discretion of the City Manager, or designee, with input from the Library Director and the FOKPL Board.

The granting of named recognition pursuant to this policy confers no property rights or interest upon the donor, individual or entity, either in law or equity, actual or implied, real or personal, whether past, present or future. Maintenance, restoration, repair and/or security of items, i.e. artwork with a significant dollar value will be assumed by the Library based on budget. Donors or organizations who wish to assist the Library and ensure that recognition is maintained or secured on a level that is deemed necessary may include these costs as part of the donation.

A collection accepted by the Ketchikan Public Library may be given name recognition, but the donation shall not be conditioned upon receipt of name recognition without the consent of the City Manager or designee, with input from the Library Director and the FOKPL Board. Recognition will be determined by the size and disposition of the collection. Collections will be maintained as long as they are relevant to library service needs of the community.



Requests for naming must be consistent with currently existing City property and facility naming policies. Named spaces must include the use-related term, i.e. the Jones Family Children’s Learning Center.

Criteria for Naming


Naming for financial contributions is at the discretion of the City Manager or designee with input from the Library Director and the FOKPL Board. Naming based on financial contributions will be based (and ranked) according to the size of the donation and the length of commitment to the library. Private donor names will be placed before corporate donors if the size of the donation is the same.


Placement of a plaque or other donor recognition will be based on the recommendation of the FOKPL Board. The Library Director, in consultation with the City Manager, will have final approval and placement responsibility.


Art that is created, donated, and/or purchased for the purposes of display and use in any library that is not part of a Percent for Art program may be accepted upon review by the FOKPL Board and approval by the City Manager with the recommendation of the Library Director. The FOKPL Board may establish a juried review to assist with the determination.

Final approval for naming, naming criteria, procedures, placement, and changes must be consistent with the policy language outlined herein, and made by the City Manager upon consultation with the Library Director, and the FOKPL Board.


Ketchikan Public Library reserves the right to expire names and/or recognition plaques, remove or relocate art work after twenty-five (25) years or upon closure or redesign of a public place or area or replacement of the item that is named. In such instances the original name shall be honored in an appropriate manner and whenever feasible existing dedication and cornerstone plaques will be moved to a replacement facility for display.


Exceptions or waivers to the provisions of this policy will be considered in exceptional circumstances only, and will be subject to approval by the Ketchikan City Council. The City reserves the right to terminate or alter a naming designation under unusual or extraordinary circumstances.

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