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Rating systems for books

5/6/2024: The Ketchikan Public Library Advisory Board asked us to look into developing and implementing a book rating system for children's and teen books, similar to the Motion Picture Association rating system for feature films. 

As a public library our mission is to serve the entire community; as such we may not select one point of view over others to rate books according to their content. We rely on parents and guardians to determine which books are appropriate for their children, and this varies widely based on the family's beliefs and cultural background, and the child's interests and reading level. 

We can provide links to organizations that have developed their own book rating systems. The sites below are in alphabetical order; click on the appropriate link to learn more about the basis for each system.

Information on their rating system:

Goodreads does not have a rating system but ratings are often provided by readers, similar to Amazon's community-based ratings.

Information on their rating system:

Information on their rating system:

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