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Loan periods and charges

Loan periods & fines: Project

Most library items (books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, audiobooks) are checked out for three weeks and may be renewed once for an additional three week period, provided another patron has not placed a hold on the item. You may renew items in person, by phone during open hours, or online through the First City Libraries online catalog.


Fines: In March 2022 the Library permanently eliminated overdue fines on items that have been returned to the Library, except when the overdue item is from an off-island library that the patron requested through interlibrary loan.

If overdue items have not yet been returned, a patron may be blocked from checking out additional items until the overdue items are returned.

Lost Items: Library patrons are billed for the replacement cost of overdue items when the items are 28 days overdue. Most Lost items are replaced after 6 months. Very new or high demand items may be replaced sooner. No credit will be granted for Lost materials returned after they have been replaced or deleted from the library system. Out-of-print or hard to find items will be considered for re-inclusion into the collection on a case by case basis.

Damaged Items: Patrons may be billed for the replacement cost of an item if it is returned with substantial damage. Minor damage can be repaired by the Library; let us know when returning a damaged item but do not attempt to repair the damage; we have staff who are trained to repair items.

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